Monday, August 05, 2002

Fer Fook's Seke!

Continuing BlogSpot problems continue to make it difficult for me to get piping fresh new content to you, gentle readers. I've been considering moving everything to my home server, though the prospect of having to pay the electricity bill for having a machine running all day isn't terribly appealing. Meantime YACCS has been crashing just as the first comments have begun to appear on the site.

Noise, noise, all of this is noise. I've been reading Notes From Underground and Valis, both of which seem appropriate for standing in line at the DMV which I've also been doing. I'm feeling scattered today.

I'm curious about how a site that displays text ads which the displayer hasn't even read can call itself BlogSnob. I have nothing against snobbery, but it seems like a trait that's based on discretion.

Real life has been demanding more of my time than the pristine and hermetic weblog world, but I enjoyed reading a recent MeFi thread on contemporary literature and a long thread comparing cartoonists and literary authors on the Comics Journal messageboard.

[PS: thanks for the comments, poorhouse, and good to meet you, briefly, IRL. YACCS seems to suck.]