Monday, July 01, 2002

The hell with June

I've been trying to determine wehther I've been trying to force the blog medium into an unnatural shape, and have finally realized that if my readers don't like what I write, the hell with them. On that note, I've been reading the Bible and listening to Blood Money by Tom Waits.

Meantime I've been reading comics and so forth. My latest acquisition is an anthology of Harvey Pekar's work--I've read tons of favorable reviews of his work, but haven't got a gander at it until now. It's OK, if you're into confessional autobio stories which seemingly shed light on the American celebrity-obsessed condition--crikey! I'm terribly sympathetic to his talking about his encounters with David Letterman and a local (Cleveland OH) literary review, but honestly: if these are your day-to-day problems oughtn't you write about killing some random woman to whom you pawned a watch or something?

Meanwhile the Ark of the covenant seems to cause no end of trouble to whomever posesses it, be they Hebrews (KJV terminology) or Philistines. It seems that the Philistines are stricken by tumors whenever they acquire the divine object, and that when the Chosen finally get it back it's at least as liable to kill 50,070 of them () as it is to protect them from hostile invaders (or defenders).