Thursday, May 16, 2002

Seems that metablogging is dying. Hrm. I found Metacubed just now, along with the scary f*cked weblog.

Future entries will contain more content, and fewer mindless links.

On the subject of MLP, I just found Blog You, a snarky blog-review site. Pretty funny so far.
Inasmuch as this blog is in a quite nascent form, I'm going to do a little mindless link propagation so I can remember some sites to go back to later. In general I don't approve of this sort of thing since it isn't terribly topical. Ahem.

Jimhart3000 seems to be pretty thoughtful; he looks to be reading some good books and publications, and as of right now he has the word "eschatology" right on his home page. He's interested in religion and literature, among other things.

The Liberal Arts Mafia has a great name but seems to be primarily a link-aggregator (I have to start propagating slang for these awful blog words). LAM points to some interesting articles, mostly with a leftish slant, but doesn't provide much commentary (apart from sometimes-snark summaries), and I am left with the impression that I can mostly just wait for blogdex to average these links out.

Caterina reads good books.

The Shakespeare Detective seemed to start with some interesting discussions of that one guy, but it hasn't been updated in a while. Also he asks for feedback but there's no way to leave comments on the page. I will want to come back to this later; I don't know the corpus that well but he's got some interesting comments on Othello, notably saying that Iago is Othello's "dark self."

Also of note: Rebecca Blood's portal and Weblog Madness.

I've been testing tools and playing around a bit rather than obsessively posting recently. At the moment I'm trying out out the w.bloggar windows blog-posting client. It works pretty well, but I don't like the "a" in its name. Still researching how to get comment capability on this site and what-all can be done with Blogger's template feature.

One thing I tend to strongly dislike about Blogger-based sites is that their stylesheets set text to a fixed size. This wouldn't be a problem except that IE has a bug wherein it can't magnify such text. I run at high resolution on a big monitor, and this makes lots of Blogger sites uncomfortably squinty. (Yes, I know about other browsers. Mozilla's still too buggy, Opera is too loud).

I probably won't get to everything, but recently I've been finding a few interesting links surrounding metablogging. As I mess with the template stuff maybe I'll add them as, er, permalinks, but briefly, here are three directories. None of these will be new to a blogger audience. At this germinal stage I am not concerned with an audience, and God willing nobody has linked to me.

  • The Weblog Review looks like a good site, though I haven't dug into the reviews very far to judge their quality.
  • The inimitable Blogdex, whose motto should be "we read blogs so you don't have to."
  • Eatonweb, a weblog directory.
I came across more good stuff today, but I don't want to write about it as much as I want to play with the techie side of things.

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

My ISP sucks.