Friday, May 10, 2002

But first, this link which unites Wallace Stevens and Buddhism in one obtuse essay. The writing style may be awful or I may be tired. I thought it had to do with Zen, but on closer inspection it's more tangential than I thought.
Yesterday I read an interesting discussion on MetaTalk about the current state of blogging. It came as a response to a post which was down at the time, and which I still haven't read. Wish I had a MetaTalk account, it seems like a pretty good community, very articulate all in all.

There was also a somewhat interesting K5 discussion about poetry, though there didn't seem to be much back-and-forth involved. This brought to my mind a MeTa discussion about threading and rating systems in these sorts of community sites. I have to say that MetaTalk's system seems to work best for me; in a sense forcing a linear discussion is an editorial control (in that it takes some choices away from the reader).

Tomorrow perhaps I'll post a bit about microcontentnews and Way Seeking Mind talks. For now to bed and into the arms of blissful sleep.

Thursday, May 09, 2002

I'm starting up this microblog as a way of managing my bookmarks and doing a little ruminating. I've been reading a lot of interesting posts recently about blogs, and in fact I seem to be far more interested in metabloggery than I am in actual blogs. Similarly I often found myself drawn more towards criticism than literature.

Nonetheless I'm interested in literature too. I just found Laurable dot com, which has a cornucopia of links to poetry read aloud via RealAudio. Also featured is a news/link blog about poetry, which is valuable; poetry sites that do not feature the poetry of their maintainers are an all-to-rare commodity in these troubled times.

"Blog" is an awful, awful word. "Warblog" is even worse, although "warble" is a good word, because it is incongruous. I will attempt to find strategies to work around using these words (not "warble"). "Warblog" reminds me of the Wargs (Worgs?) in Tolkien, which in turn reminds me of an article on Tolkien in... er, the London review of Books, wherein the reviewer notes that it was a sort of hybrid of Old English and Old Norse words designed to evoke a feeling of dread. (I could quite easily have the details of this wrong.)

I'm having some trouble determining how self-indulgent I ought to become in this, ah, journal--viz. that last paragraph, for example, or commenting on my own writing style. Please bear with me, invisible audience, as I get my wits about me. The (perceived) self-indulgence of many blogs is why I prefer to read about them.

So, generally, I'm interested in the blog as an evolving medium, and I'm interested in books of many sorts. I have other interests, too, but these are the ones I reckon I'll focus on here--especially the blogging/metablogging stuff; that way I can always fall back to books for something more fun and less involuted.

Getting the hang o' this.